University Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs

Welcoming Address of the Vice President of Academic Affairs

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful and blessings and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad and on his kinsman and disciples.

It is my pleasure to welcome you on the main page of the University Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs. It makes me happy to communicate with you and I have the honor to serve all KAU faculty, employees, and students.

The main objective of the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs is to create a positive educational environment that contributes to the advancement of KAU development and renaissance and helps all employees such as faculty members, technicians, and students to work, innovate, and elaborate. Hence, the Vice Presidency operates through its sectors in cooperation and coordination with the various KAU departments. It make these efforts to achieve the said objectives through the enhancement of curricula and study plans, program development, building fruitful local and international partnerships, providing the creative and conducive academic setting, improvement of student services, and making available all the physical and human resources to offer excellent academic services. The Vice Presidency also seeks to hire highly qualified personnel in all fields to meet the needs of academic programs in accordance with the development plans and the Saudi labor market demand.

The Vice Presidency also makes all possible efforts to achieve its ambitious goals in cooperation, solidarity, and team environment and to instill these noble virtues among all its sectors. It also plans to act in unison to serve KAU students and employees and to make true the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Since the Vice Presidency believes that the main reasons for success within any vital organization are to realize harmony and teamwork spirit among its individuals, it makes this issue one of its priorities and will always seek to make it true, Allah willing, as to positively affect the development of the educational process at our beloved university.

Finally, every sort of work is error-prone, so please do not hesitate to provide any suggestions or remarks on what the Vice Presidency offers in order to enhance the educational environment form all aspects. I will be glad to communicate with you through the email shown in the Vice Presidency’s list of contacts.

I ask Allah almighty to guide our students to success and help us all to complete our mission to build an attractive and stimulating learning environment. Allah is the arbiter of success!

Your Brother

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Prof. Abdulmonem bin Abdul Salam Al-Hayani

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Last Update 5/29/2018 10:42:20 AM